Most of our produce is sold using a Community Supported Agriculture ( CSA ) scheme which we have called My Earth Box Programme.

CSA creates a symbiotic relationship betweeen farmers and the community. By joining My Earth Box programme, your financial contribution and commitment gives us the stability and security to cover the costs of growing, and in return we give you a weekly share of our delicious seasonal organic produce.

Each season, we have a limited number of Earth Boxes for anyone who wishes to incorporate organic vegetables to their healthy diet.

Summer Intake

First Summer intake - from week starting January 9th to week ending April 2nd (12 weeks, 1 box per week)
Second Summer intake - from week starting February 6th to week ending 2nd April (8 weeks, 1 box per week)

Registration starts now and closes by Wednesday, January 4th for first Summer intake
and Wednesday, February 1st for the second Summer intake, or when all spots are filled.

My Earth Box members save up to 10% compared to our retail prices.

  • Small Earth Box

    $30 per week
    (Approx 6-8 veggie units)
    A smaller version of our classic seasonal organic veggies box.

  • Medium Earth Box

    $45 per week
    (Approx 10-12 veggie units)
    A medium version of our classic seasonal organic veggies box.

  • Large Earth Box

    $55 per week
    (Approx 14-16 veggie units)
    A big box of seasonal organic veggies. Perfect for hungry families and keen cooks.

  • Salad Box

    $20.00 per week

    (Baby greens, microgreens and megagrreens )

    Great add on for the table.

  • Microgreens
    Earth Warrior Baby Greens
    Head Lettuce
    Curly Kale
    Cavolo Nero

  • Rainbow Chard

  • Radishes


    Spring Onions

  • Our mission is to let as many people as possible access organic vegetables.

    We offer both pick up and delivery.

  • Pick up

    From our Farm Shop in Rototuna
    Every Tuesday 12-1pm and 2-5 pm. After hours collection available on request.

    From River Ridge East Birth Centre in Hamilton East
    Wednesday 11 am - 6pm
    $5 fee.

    *Please note that after a public holiday weekend, the pick up day will move to one day later.

  • Chilled delivery

    Wednesday or Thursday delivery depending on your location.

    Currently available for Hamilton metropolitan area only .

    Delivery fee: from $15 per box

Not ready to commit?

By signing up to a CSA scheme like My Earth Box Programme, you are signing up to a share of the farm’s harvest, and all the seasonal ups and downs that entails. When there is an abundance of something, you get more of it; when there is a shortage, you miss out.

By joining My Earth Box Programme, we prioritise you as a member and commit to growing high quality, fair-price produce for you. You are also supporting your local grower, helping us reduce food waste and minimising your food miles.

We understand 12 weeks might not be feasable for everyone. This is why we also offer a 4 week trial or a one-off purchase Earth Box .

Try it out


When do I pay?

We charge our members weekly on Tuesday 11.59pm of each week.

Is this the same as a food box subscription?

It’s very similar ( you get a box of veggies every week ) but there are a few key differences between our programme and a classic food box model.

When joining My Earth Box Programme you will be eating fresh handpicked organic vegetables. You will be supporting our mahi, reducing food waste and your food miles.

This model of food distribution creates a sustainable ecosystem for local farmers. They’re able to count on the support of their local community as they go through the process of growing and harvesting food for you.

What will be in the box?

Here’s the cool thing… it’s different every week! We harvest our beautiful veggies once a week, then clean, portion and package them up for you. As with everything else Mother Nature does, it’s different and unique all the time. We can tell you with some certainty which veggies will be available during which season, but the quantities and varieties will change as they become ripe or go to seed. 

Upon signing up, you have the opprotunity to let us know your preferences, which will be taken into account, subject to availability.

You will also be able to check out the contents of your Earth Box every week by selecting your Earth Box size on this link Earth Box contents by size

What happens if I want to skip a week

If you can't pick up your Earth Box or are planninng to go away during the season, we ask you to nominate a friend or family member to pick it up on your behalf. In the case of delivery, we ask you to give us an alternative delivery address ( within the Waikato or Auckland regions ). If not, we can arrange to have the box donated to a family in need.

Any changes must be notified by Sunday prior to pick up or delivery .

What if I forget to pick up my veges from the Farm shop?

We will do email reminders, and if  by the end of the Farm shop opening hours your veggie box hasn’t been picked up , it will be left at a designated afterhours pick up point. If the veggie box is not collected by the following morning it will be taken back into our chiller. If we haven’t heard from you, the veggie box will be donated.

What if I forget to pick up my veges at River Ridge East Birth Centre ?

We will do email reminders, but if that does not work and we haven’t heard from you by pick up day 6pm , the box will be donated.